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Innovation Stories

The secret to making great treats is constant improvement.

Our product developers, marketers, and engineers are always experimenting with new creations and places to grow – which means more opportunities for our team. Together, we continue to pave the way, while finding even better ways to get there.

We’ve become the go-to supplier for major retailers. We do more than bake, we collaborate.

Technical Innovation

Quality Innovation

Category Innovation



A staple in the In-Store Bakery category, cupcakes are a labor-intensive product to make, requiring retailers to hire skilled bakers and decorators. Complicating matters further for In-Store Bakeries has been a growing number of independent cupcake shops which offer increasingly creative and premium products. Overall, this meant the growth of cupcakes in the In-Store Bakery category was under threat and cupcakes were quickly becoming a more difficult product category to compete in profitably. At Give & Go, we saw this as an opportunity.

  • Developed a thaw-and-sell cupcake solution at scale; one that offers a vast variety of artisanal designs, exceptional taste, and consistent quality, all at an affordable price. 
  • A full portfolio that spans four different cupcake sizes, Seasonal as well as Everyday offerings, and on-trend designs. 
  • Our patented hold-down “anti-smush” packaging design locks cupcakes into place, and allows them to safely travel damage-free. 
  • Give & Go’s “what’s next” attitude towards innovating the bakery category drives our market-leading capabilities and quick turnaround times from concept ideation to prototype product and finally on-shelf offerings.

We deconstructed the two-bite® brownie to its roots, and then worked together to make strategic revisions to its taste, appearance, and texture, to ensure two-bite® brownie is the undisputed brownie of choice every time.

  • The sweeping success of the two-bite® brownie in the In-Store Bakery category as well as shifting consumer preferences towards portion-controlled indulgences, meant that it was not long before competition intensified.
  • In-Store Bakery managers took to performing comparative sensory testing on products before making listing decisions.
  • We decided to take it back to the drawing board, and ultimately arrived at a winning reinvented formula that is overwhelmingly preferred by consumers.

Leveraging Give & Go’s existing market leadership and capabilities in mini scones, and seeing an unmet need in the market that needed to be addressed, a team set out to develop a large scone product-line that would capture the appetites of consumers and offer a profitable solution for our retailers. 

  • This was an opportunity for Give & Go to be first to market with a thaw-and-sell Large Scone, allowing grocery retailers to avoid significant cost and investment to compete with QSR’s for the “on-the-go” breakfast occasion.
  • The end result was delicious – light and moist scones, baked in small batches and made with premium ingredients, that retailers only have to thaw out before presenting and delivering an unforgettable eating experience to their consumers.