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All our Worthy Crumb Tarts start with a flaky and tender pastry shell, and then filled with a variety of delicious fillings like rich butter tart, lemon or seasonal flavours like pumpkin and apple. Many are finished with toppings like pecans or crumble. For that fresh bakery taste without the work, try one today.

Pecan Tarts

Take our classic Butter tart filling, bake it in a flaky crust and top it with loads of pecans, and you have our best selling tart! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Raisin Tarts

Filled with the same butter tart filling as our classic Butter Tart, with the addition of juicy raisins!  It’s our classic butter tart times two!

Butter Tarts

A Canadian tradition! Flaky tart crust, baked with a rich butter tart filling. A classic tart, that never goes out of style.

Lemon Tarts

Flaky and buttery tart crust, filled with tangy lemon filling.  It’s one of the fastest ways to get the taste of summer.  Refreshing and delicious, tea time is complete.

Apple Tarts

The newest addition to our tart line up, our Apple tarts are filled with an apple cinnamon pie filling, and topped with a cinnamon oat crumble.  The taste of fall couldn’t be more delicious.

Spiced Pumpkin Tarts

Ever have to argue about who gets the bigger slice of pie? That won’t be a problem anymore with our Pumpkin Tarts.  Flaky pastry crust filled with the perfect blend of pumpkin and autumn spices, it’s like having your very own little pie all to yourself!

Minced Fruit Tarts

Flaky and buttery tart crust, filled with a minced fruit filling with just a hint of citrus peel.  The perfect addition to any Holiday gathering, it’s as close as you will get to authentic.  Try them this holiday season!