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Bakery shop goodness worthy of every occasion.

Delicious baked goods made just for you!



Tea Biscuits



Our croissants are the perfect breakfast companion. Filled with real chocolate and real Saigon cinnamon, they are the ultimate treat with a heavenly soft bite.

Every crostata we make includes a buttery flaky shortbread crust, filled with only the finest ingredients and a range of delicious toppings. We challenge you to eat just one slice!

Light and fluffy and made with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Try them on their own or with your favourite topping or spread.

Each tender pastry shell is filled with classic flavours like butter, pecan and lemon. If you are looking for a twist, check out our seasonal flavours!

Irresistible, moist and fluffy muffins made with the highest quality ingredients. They come in a range of sizes perfect for your unique operation.